Catching Up

Hey everyone, so sorry for my recent absence! Between the events of last week, a death in the family, and my brother-in-law being in a car accident (he's just fine btw!) it's been a pretty hectic and emotional week. That said, I'm still going to try my best to get challenge days finished and interviews posted!

This past weekend was so busy I just didn't have the energy to take off my nail polish and paint a full new set, so instead I painted a set of false nails!

So for this past Saturday, I picked the "lights" theme to paint on this set.

Unfortunately, the colors photographed super dark on this! There are green and blue bulbs, but they just wanted to show up black. x_x Oh well, I still like how this turned out and how the nails kind of fit together with the string trail.

So with this catch-up, I'll be putting up several more posts today. I hope that's alright with everyone! Next up will be a couple of interviews and then (crossing my fingers) my Santa nails! Thanks for sticking with me!