KBShimmer's Spring 2013 Collection!

Hello all! Many of you may have already seen the press release for KBShimmer's newest spring 2013 collection, but for those of you who haven't... prepare yourself! This collection includes NINE new polishes filled with amazing jellies, beautiful pastels, AND CIRCLE GLITTER. (Omg, right?) This amazing collection will be released on February 15th.

Here are the pictures that were released on Facebook and through the official KBShimmer press release. These are her photos, but I wanted to share them with all of you!

AMAZING, right? When she first posted them all on Facebook I had to flip through the album several times, drooling over each and every one of them. I love that she covers such a broad spectrum, not only in colors and finishes, but for several "Spring" themes! You've got the pastels for Spring/Easter, the green for St. Patrick's Day, and even "I Got a Crush on Blue" makes me think of the rain that is often associated with early Spring. There's something for everyone! I'm also thrilled to see her including the newly popular circle glitters! I've seen quite the influx of indie polishes including these and I'm glad she is as well. Agh, I just can't say enough good things about this wonderful lineup. 

Which ones are your favorites? Are there any that particularly stand out to you? I know I MUST have "Get Clover It," "Lottie Dottie," and "Pastel Me More."

If you want to read more, you can see the entire press release HERE! As always, thanks for reading!