Midweek Photomania

Lately it seems like I get home from school, figure out something for dinner, and then sleepily pick out whichever untried polish appeals to me that night. For this post, I've got several pictures of all the different nail polish colors I've worn over the past week or so. I got some amazing nail mail this week, so I'll try to have some more detailed sets of photos of my upcoming manicures when I have some more time this coming weekend. :)

Zoya Neely and Evvie - This combinatiton is actually one my husband picked! For some reason, he just loves accent nails so he insisted that include one. I just love that he knows what an accent nail IS haha. Both of these creme polishes applied nicely and covered in two coats. 

The Hungry Asian Strawberry - I've been lusting after this one since I first saw it months ago, but somehow I always seemed to forget about it or miss it when it was stocked in her store. I finally grabbed it up and couldn't be more impressed! The red crelly (part jelly, part creme) base is super pigmented and covers like a dream. The addition of the tiny black glitter just adds another level of interest into this shiny, red polish.

Essie Where's My Chauffeur and Layla Ceramic Effect #51 Dancing With the Stars - This Essie is like the perfect shade of "Tiffany blue" in my opinion. I got smooth coverage in two coats. And the Layla? Easily the most gorgeous silver glitter I own. It's a fantastic mix of tiny, medium, and large pieces and creates a stunning sparkle. 

Above the Curve Fallen Angel - This is one coat of Fallen Angel on top of a black creme. I've seen other photos of full coverage at two coats, but I wanted the base to be as dark as possible to try and coax out more of the blue to purple shimmer. It's not visible in this picture, but in specific lighting it was definitely there! Such a stunning polish to wear. I couldn't stop staring at it. :P

A-England Princess Tears - Smoky, purple-grey, and holographic. Princess Tears (like all A-England polishes I've tried) applied like butter. Ok, not actually like butter because I can imagine spreading that on your nails would be gross... anyway, easy coverage in three thin coats, but it was mostly opaque at two coats. The holographic effect is more subtle in this than other holos and even A-Englands, but I think it works perfectly with the soft shade. Such a soothing color.

As always, thanks for reading everyone!