Zoya "Aurora"

I know there are a zillion reviews and swatches of this polish floating around the nail-blogasphere, but I wanted to throw mine in with the rest. Like so many others have said, this polish is STUNNING. Let's look at all the qualities it has to offer:

-Purple (Awesome. One of my favorite colors.)
-Jelly (Who doesn't love a good jelly polish?)
-Holographic (Enough said.)
-Micro-flakes (Flake finish polishes are always inevitably super interesting.)

Ok. So those are four ingredients for an awesome polish. Now for the pictures...

In these pictures, I used three thin coats of "Aurora" and finished it with one coat of Seche Vite. It wasn't nearly as opaque as I was imagining, but it dried fairly quickly and built up nicely.

You can see a little bit of the rainbow, scattered holographic effect in my pink nail here. Let me assure you, these pictures don't even come close to conveying how magical this polish is in person.

Lastly, here's a macro shot so you can get a better idea of the holographic particles. They aren't a glitter or even a shimmer, just a tiny, irregular flake particle. This also means that the polish is smooth as glass, even without a top coat.

And that's all for today! Thanks for reading, as always! <3