Laaate Valentine's Day Looks

I regret posting these so late, but I thought they were still pretty cute and deserved to be shared. I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

This is what I wore when my husband and I went out for dinner and a movie that night. I used striping tape and several colors to almost make it look like paint chips! The base is a Sally Hansen white and the three colors used were China Glaze "Something Sweet" (the pale pink), Nailtini "Grenadine" (the medium pink) and Nailtini "Bloody Mary" (the red).

This is what I wore earlier in the week. I fell in love with this polish Candy Lacquer "Vintage Valentine" and knew I just had to wear it this year. It features white, red, baby blue, and magenta glitters in every shape and size. Seriously, I can see three different sizes of hex, some square, diamond, bar, and heart glitters! This was one coat over Essie "Where's my Chauffeur." (I apologize for my dry cuticles! I had used a glue base coat with this and one finger had already popped off that morning! I decided to snap a quick picture before they all fell off. :P)

There were a couple of other colors I wore during the week, but they were both plain pinks, including this one. This is Essence "Mashed Berries," "Very Cherry" which I believe wasn't even available in the states. I was lucky enough to get this from a swap! I'm only including it because I couldn't believe that I waited so long to wear it! It features a baby pink base and teeny tiny pink glitters, giving it a delicate sparkle. 

Thanks for reading, loves!