Rainbow Honey "Sweet Talk"

February might have just started, but that doesn't mean it's too early to be thinking about Valentine's day! One polish that was just begging to be worn was my Rainbow Honey "Sweet Talk." 

This polish features a creamy white base with just a kiss of shimmer. In addition, it's filled with magenta, lavender, and baby blue hexes in two different sizes. The result on the nail definitely reminds me of candy or sweet treats!

Application was quite nice with this one! I was able to get it fairly opaque at two coats, but added a third because I wanted a little bit more glitter. I think she found the perfect middle ground between the white base being too thick or two thin. It's thick enough to give opaque coverage, but still thin enough to let some of the glitter from the previous coat peek through.

I sealed everything off with a coat of Julep's new Freedom top coat, (I think I'm going to do a separate review for that, so stay tuned!) which left things nice and smooth.

If you're interested in purchasing this yummy shade, you can find it on the Rainbow Honey website for $10. You can also use the coupon code RH25%OFF to get 25% off your order!

As always, thanks for reading! :D


  1. I've seen swatches of this one and just fell in love - yours are no exception! I am a sucker for white crellies :)

    1. Thank you! Same here! I feel like lately I've been on a white crellie spree! I even have a whole swatch wheel just for them! ;D


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