An Experiment in Layering: White Holographic!

Hi, ice cubes! Did you enjoy the pictures yesterday with my Canon camera? I did! So much so that I retook a whole set of photos of this manicure with it today. I have to take advantage of the sunshine, right?

L.A. Girl "3D Silver" - I've had this for several weeks now, but wasn't sure what to use it with because it has a clear base. I recently picked up OPI "Don't Burst My Bubble" and decided it might make a nice white/nude base to use with the silver. So that's what we have here!

For this look, I used two coats of DBMB and two coats of 3DS on top. Surprisingly, DBMB had SUCH a great formula! It's a milky white with a hint of pink, but I was able to reach pretty decent opacity at just two coats! And of course, you already know how much I love these L.A. Girl 3D Effects polishes.

Sooo sparkly. I love linear holographics, but sometimes these scattered holographics (especially these with the flakies) are just SO beautiful!

So the result? I Think this is pretty dang close to a white holographic, which is something that is incredibly hard for polish  makers to make! From what I've seen, they usually end up looking pretty grey.

Gotta throw in a macro shot, of course. Those flakies!

And lastly, here's an unfocused picture so that you can really see the rainbow sparkle come out.

Alright, that's all for today! The husband just got home from work, so we're going to go get some dinner and enjoy the sunshine! Hope you have a great one!