JulieG "Sugar Rush" Texture Polish!

Quick post this time! This week, I tried my first ever texture polish! I was gifted two from the Mariah Carey collection, but still haven't worn them. The idea of basically having sand on my nails weirded me out for quite a while! I started to change my mind when I saw the JulieG Frosted Gum drops collection, with all it's shimmery, sugary, yummy-looking-ness.

"Sugar Rush" - A dark orangey coral color with hints of red. Honestly, it almost has a duochrome/glassfleck type effect going on and almost seems to "glow" from within. I used three thin coats for the above coverage and no top coat, as that somewhat defeats the point of these texture polishes. The formula was easy and covered so nicely! For some reason I expected application to be tough, but it was quite the opposite!

My opinion? I like it MUCH more than I expected to! It was a tad weird to get used to, obviously because I'm used to my nails being a smooth surface. Even more so though, I think this was the first time I've painted my nails in more than a year without using a top coat afterwards! So weird! Anyway, I'm definitely calling myself a fan of at least this brand of texture polishes! I think if these polishes were scented, I would have tried to eat my own fingers! ;D The finished look is spot on with the "Frosted Gumdrop" description! I have the other five shades, so check back as I hope to wear the others soon!