Scofflaw "Koi Pondering"

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet because I really think the photos do a pretty great job or showing off the pure awesomeness of this polish!

Scofflaw "Koi Pondering" - A cobalt blue base loaded with holographic shimmer as well as several sizes of matte hexes in the colors orange, yellow, and white.

This was three coats of the polish with no base color. I used one coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top to smooth everything out and give it a nice glossy finish.

I absolutely LOVE how the sizes and shades of glitter work so well to hint towards koi swimming in a rich blue pond. The holographic particles adds that extra touch of something special, and really makes the blue base sparkle.

I LOVE fish (I have two aquariums at home!) so this polish was already an insta-win for me from the name and coloring. Application was amazing and super easy. I think you could almost get away with two thick coats. It's safe to say, I love Scofflaw polish! I have three other shades, so I'll be adding posts of those soon! If you're interested in purchasing some yourself, you can follow the Facebook page to keep up with news and Etsy restocks!


  1. such a cool idea for a polish! love this one :)

    1. I agree! She's got some pretty unique combinations!


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