Orly Mash-ups

Quick post for today because I'm not very pleased with how my nails are shaped in these pictures. :( I promise I have a much more exciting manicure on right now, which I will be photographing and posting tomorrow! (Check out my Instagram for a sneak peek!)

For this look I paired "Choreographed Chaos" (the pink) with "Pretty Ugly" (the blue). Both polishes have a blue duochrome/shimmer flash in the bottle so I tried pairing them thinking they'd be similar on the nail. Nope! Choreographed Chaos is much more creme-like with hardly any of the blue shimmer coming out on the nail. Pretty Ugly is a much thinner base, almost a crelly (creme-jelly), with larger and more visible blue shimmer. I used two coats of each for these, but I think I could have benefited from an extra coat of Pretty Ugly. I topped everything with a coat of Seche Vite.