Salon Perfect Neon Collision

Is it summer yet?! I swear, here in Oregon we'll have a few days of nice weather and then the rain comes back for a week. And it's almost June! Jeesh! Well if you're craving warmer weather and brighter colors, these Salon Perfect Neon Collision micro glitters should help out a bit!

From left to right, the shades are as follows:

Exploded - Bright orange/pink with a hint of yellow. From a distance it appears orange.

Jolt - Bright yellow with a hint of orange/pink. From a distance it appears yellow.

Zapped - Neon yellow with a hint of teal. From a distance it appears bright green.

Kaboom - Teal with a hint of neon yellow. From a distance it appears bright teal.

Shocked - Neon pink with a hint of blue. From a distance it appears almost a purple-y magenta.

There is one last shade named "Bang," which looks (to me) almost exactly like Exploded. From what I've seen in some other swatches, it might have just a touch more yellow glitter in the mix, but that's it.

I'm a big fan of micro glitters so when you throw the neon colors into the mix you've got a winner in my book. The formula was surprisingly nice and was loaded with glitter. I used three coats of each color to build these up to opacity and two coats of Seche Vite on top. The first coat obviously goes on a bit patchy, but this leaves a nice bit of grit and texture for the second and third coats to grab onto. Some shades did apply nicer than others with Shocked being the most even and laying flat at the end and Jolt being the lumpiest.

I absolutely love how your brain does some fancy optical blending when these are on the nail or viewed from a distance. I was SURE that "Shocked" had purple glitters in it but upon closer inspection all I could find was the pink and blue. Even in "Exploded" and "Jolt" the darker glitters appear to be a red/orange but if you look verrrrrry closely they are actually quite pink! Even now, I can't tell if my eyes are playing tricks on me because I can't decide if the yellow glitter in Jolt is the same glitter used Zapped, but it looks different due to the mix. O_O

The last thing worth mentioning is that Kaboom appears to be a dupe for the popular "Floam" by Nail-Venturous. The only difference I can see is that Kaboom might have just a touch more of the neon yellow glitters than Floam does. I believe Ninja Polish now makes Floam for the owner of Nail-Venturous, but it can still be tricky to get a hold of. So if you a) don't feel like waiting for it to be in stock and b) would rather pay the ~$3.88 for Kaboom versus the $9 (plus shipping) for Floam I'd say this is an amazing alternative!

So there they are! What do you think of micro glitters? Which shade is your favorite? These can be found at Walmart for $3.98!


  1. Replies
    1. Salon Perfect is at Walmart. They aren't set to release until June but some have been lucky and found them. I personally went on a hunt today for them but came up empty handed.

    2. So sorry, I knew I was forgetting to add something to this post! Salon Perfect is sold at Walmart!

  2. I gave up on getting my hands on Floam a long time ago lol, so I was excited for Kaboom. The only one I skipped out on here is Zapped, and I didn't see any at my Walmart called Bang. All the four I tried are AWESOME though. I love your swatches :)

    1. Lol I don't even remember how I managed to get Floam... but yeah! Thank you!

    2. Oh btw I can't wait to see your swatches as well. ^_^

  3. I'd like to know where to find these as well! These are all absolutely amazing and your pictures are stunning!!

    1. So sorry! Forgot to mention they're from Walmart!


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