Shades of Green and Tape

My love for all things green started even before I met my husband and got to change my last name to "Green." Of course, that love carried over into my polish collection.

For today's look, I used three different bright and somewhat minty green creme polishes. I was really inspired by a look that I saw recently on Chalkboard Nails, where she used three different colors and some tape to create a color blocked look.

For some reason I decided to do mine a little differently and leave the wide band along the tip half of my nail, almost to hint towards a French manicure.

I think this is also a good way to show you the difference between last year's Essie "Mojito Madness" and this years Essie "First Timer." I thought they would be dupes, but they actually look very different! It's interesting how much darker "First Timer" looks on the nail when it dries compared to how it looks in the bottle.

If you want to see the specifics on how to create this look, check out the awesome tutorial that Chalkboard Nails put together!


  1. I love this mani and it is crazy the difference between the two when they're dry! I definitely want to try out something like this once my nails grow out a bit longer.

    1. Thank you!! Isn't it weird? I thought for sure it was a dupe!

  2. Very cool, I love that you used colors in the same family.


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