Chanel Taboo

Hello lovely readers! I'm sorry I haven't been around much this week. My days have been filled with lots of birthday fun-tivities and visiting with friends and family. However, I was able to snag a super splurge treat for myself with some birthday money this week. *cue fanfare* Chanel "Taboo." Yeah, that's right. My first ever Chanel polish and it's the amazing Taboo.

 "Taboo" - An inky navy base that looks purple with tons of red  shimmer and purple flakies. Pictures really don't do this shade justice. It's one of those polishes that I find myself staring at while I move my fingers around in the sunlight. I'll just go ahead and let the pictures do the talking!

Besides it being a color to die for, the formula was perfection. Easy to control and it covered IN ONE COAT. Ahhh. *swoon* Long story short? I'm very pleased that I decided to splurge on this bad boy!


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