Illamasqua "Poke"

Poke! Yup, that's the name of this lovely Illamasqua shade that I have to show you today! I know this isn't a new polish (I want to say it's from Fall of 2011?) and I know there are many swatches of it floating around out there, but I just had to do some of my own. This bad boy has been one of my major lemmings for some time now (thanks to one of my amazing friends, who sent it to me for my birthday!!!) and I couldn't wait to take a billion pictures of it!

"Poke" - A bright royal purple that leans a little bit more towards blue than red, filled with predominately silver shimmer and some extra teal and pink shimmer as well. I'm not sure what to classify this as, because it has the pigmentation of a creme but is absolutely loaded with shimmer. I used two easy coats and couldn't believe how easily this spread itself across the nail. I think Illamasqua might have the best formula of any nail polish I've ever tried. *happy sigh*

(P.S. Do you like these "artsy" bottle shots and collages I've been making lately? I think they're really fun, especially for showing of a high end polish like this one!)

The shimmer is visible in normal light, but it absolutely comes alive out in sunlight! The different colors of teeny tiny shimmer add so much dimension to this! I'll let the rest of the pictures do the talking. :)

Amazing, right? I've got a pile of un-tried polish sitting on my desk, but I just can't bring myself to remove this one yet. If you're a purple polish lover, you definitely need this one!


  1. What a stunning polish, it has so much depth!

  2. What a beautiful polish! I have never heard of it and I love the name:) Great swatches.


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