Sinful Shine "Picante" + Stamping

I posted a picture of this on Instagram earlier in the week, but I loved it so much that I decided it needed a whole blog post of its own!

When I asked my husband "Ok, what color should I paint my nails tonight?" and his response was "Red!" I decided it would be a perfect opportunity to try out one of the Sinful Shine polishes I've had sitting on my desk for ages. "Picante" is a BRIGHT red with a hint of coral and loads of super tiny silver shimmer. I used two coats for coverage and almost didn't use a top coat because it was so shiny!

If you get a chance to pick up any of these Sinful Shine polishes, I say go for it! After using this one, I'm really excited to use some more. My other color picks from the line include "Alfresco," "In The Limelight," "Amazonian," as well as others I haven't even purchased myself yet! ;)

 Lastly, I stamped on some music notes from the Konad m73 plate with the black Essence stamping polish. I was headed to a symphony concert at the high school where I graduated from (and where my brother-in-law still attends and performs!) so I figured this would be fitting! As you can see on the image of the plate below, the design includes a bottom portion with piano keys, but I felt that would look strange over a red background so I excluded it from my stamping.

Thanks for reading! 


  1. I love Picante too, and the stamp goes great with it! Love this mani :)


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