WingDust Summer Collection: Part 1

The time has come, my dear readers! I finally have some photos and details about a TON of new WingDust Collection polishes, which will be coming out soon! I've got fourteen polishes to share with you so I went ahead and broke things down so I'll be posting two per day for the next week or so.

I want to add that a lot of these haven't been named yet, but I will make sure to edit this post and add all the names in once I know what they are myself. All polishes are shown on their own (without any sort of base color) and with at least one coat of top coat.

"Hot Hot Hot": A strawberry red jelly base filled with holographic gold and/or silver hexes, tiny iridescent hexes, magenta circles, (I think) some red hexes, and lastly 12 kt. white gold flakes. This polish was incredibly easy to apply and the base had the perfect amount of pigment to reach opacity at 2 coats, which is what I'm showing here. There seemed to be an equal mix of glitter and gold leaf and both were easy to get out of the bottle and onto the nail. All of the different glitters with the gold makes this polish SO interesting! I love the flashes of rainbow colors from the iridescent hexes. This one reminded me of a bonfire!

"Feel the Burn": A NEON fuchsia jelly base  loaded with all different shapes and sizes of silver and holographic glitter, my favorite of which are the giant holographic circles. This one also has the tiny iridescent hexes that polish #1 had, which I adore. Again, opacity was excellent and I only needed two coats of this one on its own. The giant circles did require a couple of extra dips of the brush, but they were far from impossible to get out. The pink base is actually SO incredibly neon that my camera just couldn't handle it!

I'm telling you, WingDust creator Stephanie must be using some form of magic when she makes these polishes. I continue to be blown away by these jellies that are so soft and squishy looking, but still pigmented enough to cover in only two coats. Every single bottle has the most unique combination of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. If you're looking for polish that is beautiful, unique, and easy to apply I would highly recommend you get yourself some WingDust polishes. You can follow WingDust Collections on Facebook HERE or you can find the Etsy shop HERE

Thanks for reading and check back tomorrow to see two more stunning new polishes! 

*Products were provided for my personal and 100% honest review.*