WingDust Summer Collection: Part 4

Are you a fan of blue? If so, today's two new WingDust polishes might just be for you! Like I've said with the others, all photos show these polishes on their own (without a base color) and with a top coat. Let's begin!

"Perfect Day": A pastel blue base absolutely loaded with pink shimmer, tiny iridescent hexes, larger hexes in gold, light blue, periwinkle, and holographic. It also contains some 23 kt. gold leaf flakes! And to top it all off, it's also got some baby blue star glitter! Application was easy and while it was well pigmented, the lighter shade meant I needed just a bit more for full coverage. I'm showing three coats here. The stars did take a couple of extra dips to pull out, but the weren't super difficult! You can see I got at least one on each finger. :)

Steel Town Girl: Ah, so much to say about this polish! It starts with a dark navy/teal holographic base filled with all sorts of goodies. There are some tiny aqua hex glitters, some aqua mylar shards, 23 kt. gold flakes, and I think there are also some dark blue mylar shards in there as well. Either that or the color shift on the shards is SO dramatic it goes from gold, through green and aqua, and all the way into royal blue. The results on the nail are truly stunning. Holo, color changing shards, and gold leaf? *swoon* Pigmentation was also amazing and I only needed two thin coats. Everything distributed nicely and none of the mylar shards stuck up, as they sometimes can. (Revlon Moon Candy, I'm looking at you!)

Well, I hope you enjoyed these two! Like I've been saying all week, check back tomorrow to see two new colors! Make sure you like WingDust on Facebook HERE for updates on this new collection! 

*Products provided for my personal and 100% honest review.*


  1. As much as I love shards and flakies, I almost think Steel Town Girl would look better with just the gold flakes. It's still gorgeous, though, and I definitely wish it were within my budget!


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