WingDust Summer 2013 Recap

Hi all! I've got some fabulous things to show you in the next couple of weeks, but for right now I'd just like to post this quick recap of all of the WingDust summer shades I revealed over the past two weeks.

"Feel the Burn" 

"Hot Hot Hot"

"Coral Leaf"

"Castles Made of Sand"

"Fields of Lions"

"Sun Spots"

"Perfect Day"

"Steel Town Girl"

"Space Junk in Her Trunk"

"The Deep End"

"Bean Me Up"

"Summer Storm"

"Like My Moves"

"Girls Night Out"

If you want more details on each shade, you can find all the posts right here! I'd really love to hear what you all think of these or if you have any favorites. 


  1. Luvv these colors !! Cant wait to purchase them !! :-)

  2. What is the name of this last one?


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