WingDust Summer Collection: Part 9

Well readers, we've reached the end of my preview posts about the upcoming WingDust summer collection. This collection has been such a pleasure to review and I wish I had even more to show you! I must say though, I am feeling pretty accomplished. This is the biggest review I've ever done for a polish brand!

These last two polishes are the two glitter toppers of the collection so unlike my other posts, I DID use a base color! For both of them I decided to go with Sally Hansen "White On" which is just a white creme.

"Like My Moves": The clear base has a healthy does of holographic shimmer, but just enough to give it some extra sparkle. The glitter mix consists of pink, blue, black, gray, silver, dark purple-y/navy, and lime green in hexes and squares. There's such a huge amount of glitter in this one, I'd probably miss some if I tried to explain exactly what's in it. My favorite has to be the lime green glitters because they're actually transparent! SUCH an interesting addition! For the photos below, I only used one coat. Yeah. That's how dense this is. It was quite thick and tricky to apply, but nowhere near unusable. This feels like something I'd wear to a party! Some of you might know I'm not always a fan of glitter toppers, but this one is so ridiculous unique that I think I'd wear it again!

"Girls Night Out": The same clear base filled with holographic shimmer as the previous polish. The glitter mix in this one consists of primarily silver, pink, and lilac. There's huge holographic hexes, magenta and holographic circles, and even holographic bars! (I know some people hate bar glitters, but I love them. Especially in this one!) OH! And silver leaf! With all of these elements combined, you get a really interesting and surprisingly delicate polish. The combination of silver glitter, silver holographic, and silver leaf gives you so many interesting things to look at on the nail and then the pink warms it up and makes it a little girly. This is also just showing one coat.

Well, that's all I've got for you! How many are going on your "To Buy" list? Which one is your favorite? From what I've heard, it looks like Stephanie is tentatively set to be listing these for sale on August 9th! Please go follow WingDust on Facebook HERE, on Twitter HERE, or even on Instagram HERE so that you don't miss this release! 

*Products provided for my personal and 100% honest opinion.*