Emily de Molly "Monet's Garden"

Here I go, working my way through my personal stash of untried, glitter-filled treasures! This post also features another attempt at doing some shots with my DSLR and indoor lighting. We're getting there! Thank goodness for custom white balance!

Emily de Molly "Monet's Garden" - A teal jelly base filled with several different shades of green hexes and some smaller hexes in red, purple, and blue.

My thoughts: Squishy, dreamy, and unique. I love it! I only needed 2 easy coats with no base color for what you see here. The glitter applied like a dream and didn't require any fishing. I like that this adds several different colors, but doesn't go all the way to rainbow-colored.

I own two other Emily de Molly polishes so it looks like it's time for me to finally try those out! If they're like this one, I'm sure I'll be impressed!


  1. This polish is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like a pond full of water lilies (well, I guess that's why they called it Monet's Garden)! :)


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