Vivid Lacquer - Theoretical Glitters

Welcome to another installment of "Tia Has Too Much Nail Polish" where Tia swatches a few of the nail polishes she had to have but is just getting around to using! Today I'll be showing you three beautiful glitters from Vivid Lacquer!

"Theoretical Gamer" - "Theoretical Blogger" - "Theoretical Rockstar"

"Theoretical Gamer" - A baby blue crelly base filled with white, aqua, and royal blue hexes, white squares, and some some very small blue bar glitters.

My thoughts: The adorable pastel base combined with the interesting mix of glitters makes this one a winner in my book! I'm quite fond of bar glitter, especially when it's used like this. I used three coats and one coat of top coat for these photos.


"Theoretical Blogger" - The pale lilac crelly base of this polish is filled with a variety of different shades of purple tiny and small hexes. The spectrum ranges from a pale, almost pink, to a deep garnet shade.

My thoughts: Of course I was initially drawn to this one by the name. Theoretical Blogger? Hey, that's me! ;D I really love the finished look with this polish, but it wasn't quite as easy as Theoretical Gamer because the base is sooo pale. I used five coats plus one coat of top coat for what you see here. I have to say in the case of these specific polishes, I'm alright using more coats because the layers do really give the glitter a lot of depth.


"Theoretical Rockstar" - This last one starts with a soft gray crelly base and is filled with black and white hexes in two different sizes as well as loads of holographic micro shimmer.

My thoughts: If you're looking for a polish that will make your nails look like granite, look no further! I'm dumb and forgot to try this out, but I really want to try wearing this one with a matte top coat! I'm already a sucker for black and white glitter combinations, so this one was an insta-love for me. I love the holographic shimmer so much and I'm curious to see how the other shades would look with some of that thrown in. I was really impressed that the pale base covered so well. These photos show four coats plus top coat.

So there they are! I'm glad that I grabbed these and I'm even more glad that I finally tried them. I think it would be nice to see what they look like layered over creme bases. As I said above, I also want to try Theoretical Rockstar with a matte top coat. Eventually I think it would be fun to add the other two from this set to my collection! (ONE OF THEM IS GREEN, WHY DID I NOT GET THAT ONE?!)

Anyway, thanks for reading!