WingDust "After the Storm" & "Ocean Tears"

Hey-o! I've got swatches of two more WingDust Collections polishes to show you today. I actually have several more to show you, but you only get these two today. ;)

"After the Storm" - A teal holographic base filled with turquoise, blue, and fuchsia glitters, as well as some larger light blue hexes. Coverage was excellent and I only needed  two coats for the opacity above. I finished this with one coat of Seche Vite.

My thoughts: You know I could gush all day and night about how much I love WingDust polishes. I love the unique combination of glitters within the jelly/holographic base. And it only helps that it's such a fantastic mixture of colors!

"Ocean Tears" - This polish has a teal crelly base and is filled with small aqua hexes, tiny white hexes, and loads of holographic glitters. Coverage was great with this one as well and I only used two coats for these photos along with a coat of Seche Vite.

My thoughts: Another winner in my book! I love it when a polish maker can find the perfect mix between being thin enough to let the glitter shine through the colors, but opaque enough to provide good coverage without needing a billion coats. This polish is squishy and delicate while keeping a fantastic formula.

So there you have it! Two more sparkly blue beauties by the talented Stephanie of WingDust Collections. These are both older shades, but you might be able to catch them in a restock soon. Speaking of which, it looks like she's planning to open her Etsy shop Monday the 18th for all the new fall shades! (So excited!)

ALSO speaking of WingDust, if you want a chance to win a bottle of a super limited custom shade Stephanie made for me, head over and enter my giveaway HERE before it ends tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

*Products in this post provided for my personal and 100% honest review.*


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