WingDust "Pool-side Par-tay" and "Sleepless Summer Nights"

Moooooore WingDust polishes to show you today! I could swatch these for the rest of my life and never get tired of these magic little creations. These two are both shades that were released over the summer, but I know at least one of them is still in stock on Stephanie's Etsy shop. ;)

"Pool-side Par-tay" - A bright blue jelly base filled with white, silver, and blue hex and circle glitters and loads of shimmer that shifts from copper to pink. I used two coats plus top coat for these pictures.

My thoughts: Like usual, the formula was divine. Opaque enough to cover in just two coats, but thin enough to let the glitters float around without being too covered up. The almost duochrome shimmer in this is absolutely stunning!

"Sleepless Summer Nights" - A teal jelly base filled with white, lime, aqua, chocolate, and gold glitters in primarily hexes with some blue and white star glitters. The jelly base is filled with a similar copper shimmer that was in the previous polish. Again, I used two coats plus a top coat for these photos.

My thoughts: Another stunning polish with an excellent formula. I'm not going to apologize for sounding like a broken record! If anything my repetitive rambling about the amazing quality of these polishes just shows you that WingDust polishes are consistently of a very high quality.

As I said above, you can find WingDust on Etsy HERE. I know she just restocked yesterday, but there aren't many left so if you want to snag some you had better act quickly! Thanks for reading!

*Products in this post provided for my personal and 100% honest review.*