Emerald & Ash Winter Nights Collection and More!

Hello all! Today I'm bringing you pictures of five new polishes from the wonderful Emerald & Ash. I have known creator Ashley for a while now and it has been so exciting to see her business both start and grow into what it is today. It was such a privilege to swatch and review these polishes for her! 

The first three are from the Winter Nights Collection and then I've got two other holiday polishes at the end that I'll be showing you as well. You can find E&A polishes on the Emerald & Ash website and on Etsy (although it doesn't look like the holiday polishes are on Etsy at the moment)!

Black Ice - A super rich metallic silver with a subtle hint of holographic.

My thoughts: The formula on this was perfect! It applied like liquid metal and was incredibly opaque. I could have almost gotten away with one coat, but added a second to smooth things out. I found the holographic to be very subtle and only really visible in bright sunlight or at certain angles. For someone who wants a more toned down holo polish, this one might be just what you're looking for! Top coat did seem to dull the holographic effect somewhat.

Moonlit Snow - A clear based topper filled with iridescent flakes that shift between blue, purple, pink, and silver. 

My thoughts: I chose to layer this over a basic black creme, but I'm sure it would look fantastic over other colors as well. I love the irregularity in the sizes of the flakes! I used two coats, but it might be fun to leave this one at one coat so it looks a bit softer and allows more of the black to show through. It did seem to dry to a slightly matte, but top coat brought the sparkle back to life. This one does such a great job of capturing the spirit of the name... I could totally imagine this looking exactly like a field of fresh snow in the moonlight, especially if you layered it over white or silver.

Impending Snow - A pale pink creamy base filled with tinny shimmering flecks that shift between silver, pink, and lavender. 

My thoughts: I like the color and shimmer in this polish, however I did find it to be pretty thin and somewhat patchy. The shimmer is very delicate and girly! What you see here is four coats and it still looks a touch uneven. I think next time I'd opt to wear it over a similar pink creme.

The Winter Nights Collection bundle also comes with a special "Winter Garden" cuticle oil rollerball bottle. I love these little bottles and think it's fantastic that they come with the rollerball top rather than a brush! That said, I wasn't able to try out this bottle because I found the scent to be too strong for me. (I'm super sensitive to scents. :/) To me it smells like men's Dial soap. So strong that I could smell it when I first opened the box! Regardless, I have no doubt that it is a fantastic product. There are a few more E&A polishes that I intend to buy eventually, so I'll have to pick up a different scent of oil to try out as well.

Regenbogen-Baum - A soft white crelly base filled with a rainbow of small, metallic hexes. (BTW the name means "rainbow tree" in German!)

My thoughts: This ended up being the surprise favorite for me! I'm a huge fan of polishes that have anything to do with rainbows, but I can't say I own one exactly like this. I especially love that the glitters are metallic rather than matte, which helps them to pop against the white base. I did have to use 5 coats to get the coverage you see here so I think next time I'd layer it over a white base, but ultimately I love how squishy and layered it looks.

Frosted - A clear based glitter topper filled with holographic shimmer as well as several different sizes of silver holographic hexes.

My thoughts: I love my chunky glitters and it's even better when they're holographic. I was actually really surprised at how dense the holographic shimmer in the base was! I'm now wondering if it's possible to build this up to opacity on its own... :) This is one thick coat over a black creme.

So there you have it! Five gorgeous polishes that do an excellent job of capturing the spirit of winter and the upcoming holidays! Make sure you follow Emerald & Ash on Facebook and don't forget to check out the store full of these polishes and many others. Thanks for reading!

*Products in this post were provided for my personal and 100% honest review.*