Past Week Recap and Upcoming Pretties

So from now on, I'm going to attempt a weekly recap on Sundays to show you what I might have worn (but wasn't able to post) and what might be coming up in the next week. Hopefully I can also use this as a way to get some input from all of you as to what you'd like to see swatched next!

Takko "Schiaparelli" - Neon pink with flecks of shimmer that shift from lime green to blue. I used two coats plus top coat. Awesome formula and I can't wait to get more from this brand!

SpaRitual "Wilderness" - A coral/pink/orange absolutely packed with shimmery flecks that shift from gold to yellow. One coat (used over Schiaparelli) plus top coat. I'm guessing it would need 2-3 to be opaque on its own. It almost dried to a textured finish!


I was inspired by a recent post by The Polish Well to make this nail polish phone case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I used 12 different shades from the Orly FX collection to make this rainbow look and then backed it with black. I'm still letting it dry just to be extra sure. These clear hard cases are so cheap on Ebay that I think I might make a couple more!

(From top/right to bottom/left these shades are Rockets Red Glare, Watch it Glitter, Sashay My Way, Monster Mash, Mermaid Tale, It's Electric, Spazmatic, Ultraviolet, Ridiculously Regal, Be Brave, and You Are Not Alone.)

I FINALLY found the other scents from the Revlon Parfumerie collection at Ulta! These (along with others like Espresso, Chocolate Truffle, Powder Puff, and Basalm Fir) aren't part of the initial displays that popped up, which only included 16 shades/scents. These colors (and scents) just scream summer to me!

(From left to right, the shade names are as they appear on the bottles Ginger Melon, Orange Blossom, Lime Basil, and Tropical Rain.)

Some new (to me) WingDust polishes! I already have the neon pink Feel the Burn and the blue Pool-side Par-tay so I'm thinking I might use these others (excluding Glowing Glowing Gone) to do a skittle manicure sometime soon!

(From left to right these are Brain Freeze, Lime in the Coconut, Beach Bum, and Glowing Glowing Gone.)

I have ALWAYS wanted to get my hands on some Femme Fatale shades and I recently found out that Color4Nails has an excellent selection with very reasonable prices for international shipping. Aren't they just stunning?

(From left to right these are Abuze the Ooze, Snapvine, Nightsong Grotto, Sea Pony, and The Other Side of the World.)

And lastly some other untrieds that I'm feeling terribly guilty about. Polish addict problems, right?

(From left to right these are Alanna Renee Horcrux, Glam Polish Lucky, Jindie Nails Shimmer Me Timbers, and Polish Me Silly Surprise Me.)

So now that you've seen some of the poor, lonely polishes that have yet to be worn, which would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!


  1. Lovely, lovely! I always enjoy bottle porn ;) I'm curious, do you organize your stash with nail polish wheels/sticks or do you just store them and sort through? If you use nail wheels or sticks, I'd be interested to see all your untrieds in that way. Would definitely like to see the Glam Polish or Femme Fatale Abuse the Ooze as I've been thinking of buying another haul from color4nails before my no-buy (two months!)


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