Happy Valentine's Day!

Whatever your relationship status or evening plans may be, I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

For my Valentine's day look I used Sinful Shine "Dark Room" (black), Sinful Shine "Whisp" (white), OPI "Kiss Me On My Tulips" (pink), China Glaze "With Love" (red), and LA Girl "Spotted" (black and white glitter). Aren't the names of the pink and red so adorably perfect? I didn't even pick them for the names, that was a happy accident! The stamping image is from Bundle Monster plate number 317. I actually used a method of stamping I read about on Nailz Craze, which involves using a stamping plate to make your own decal!

I ran myself out of time to paint my right hand the same way before bed, but here's what it's sporting instead! KBShimmer "Whole Lava Lovin" (red holo) and Femme Fatale "Wild Magic" (obviously, the glitter). I love this combination so much!

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy your holiday!