Hare Polish x 3!

Heyo! More apologies for my lack of posts lately. For a while there I was working on refinishing a desk (vanity) and mirror so it was pointless to try and keep my nails looking decent! Interested in a before/after on that project? ;)

Hare Polish "Bisbee" - A blue/green/turquoise jelly base filled with metallic yellow hexes and squares and some delicate gold shimmer. I used three coats plus top coats.

Hare Polish "After the Storm" - A navy jelly base filled with purple, magenta, and teal dots, hexes, and squares. There's also some teeny tiny pink glitters in there and flakie shimmer. This is three coats plus top coat, but opacity was good and I probably could have stopped at two coats.

Hare Polish "Anemone Gardens" - A pale purple jelly base filled with primarily fuchsia glitters in dots and hexes with some lime green squares and hexes as well. This one contains a very visible blue flakes. This one was the least opaque of the three and I needed three coats plus top coat.

While I love all three, "Anemone Gardens" is my favorite of the bunch! It always worries me when a polish starts out sheer, but majority of the time that can lead to a lot of beautiful depth and layering of the glitters. You can find Hare Polish on Etsy and make sure to follow her on Facebook for updates.