Holographic-ultra-mega-super-chrome! (ILNP + Picture Polish)

Are you ready for some mind-blowing, color-shifting, holographic-flake-filled goodness? Of course you are.

From left to right we have I Love Nail Polish "Sirene," "Reminisce," and "Undenied," which are all new Ultra Chromes from the ILNP Spring collection. It is my mission to own all of her Ultra Chromes because they're freaking amazing. (You'll see swatches of  Reminisce and Undenied soon!)

ILNP "Sirene" - This ultra chrome shifts from purple to teal, but at the right angle you can see hints of pink and bright green. It had a wonderful formula and was opaque in three coats. I know I would have only needed one to two coats had I layered it over black. It is very similar to Enchanted Polish "Magical Mystery Tour" but pulls more teal while MMT shifts to a darker blue. It also doesn't have the holo that MMT has.

Picture Polish "Altered State" and "Illusionist" from the Picture Polish Limited Edition set. Again, I want to someday own them all! (And again, you'll see swatches of "Altered State" soon!)

Picture Polish "Illusionist" - This polish has a very similar color shift to "Sirene" so I decided to layer two coats on top. Right off the bat, I'm disappointed at how thin "Illusionist" is and I think you'd have to use five or six coats just to make it opaque on its own. It's definitely a layering polish. On the bright side, it's filled with lovely holographic flakes which makes it very different from both "Sirene" and "Magical Mystery Tour." The flakes are very similar to the LA Girl holographic flake polishes.

So there it is! Two wonderful polishes that are very similar but different at the same time. I don't know about you, but "multichrome" and "holographic" are two of my favorite words when it comes to polish. Thanks for reading! <3