KBShimmer Spring 2014 Swatches

If you missed my post on the overview of the KBShimmer Spring 2014 collection, you can find all the details right here. Today, I have swatches of six polishes from this collection to show you!

"Life Rose On" - A warm, red-toned magenta cream. Incredible formula and very easy to apply. What you see here is ONE COAT without top coat. (I only left off the top coat to show how great the shine is.) I was absolutely blown away and can't wait to try the other cream formulas in this collection.

"Quick and Flirty" - A dark violet holographic. The linear effect isn't as strong as other holos I own, but it's still very pretty. In my opinion, it's a bit more scattered than linear. My swatch shows three coats plus top coat.

UPDATE: After seeing a few other shots of this polish, I decided I wasn't happy with my first photo. I set up some external flash in addition to my normal lighting and managed to get this! It really helped to bring out the holo.

"Full Bloom Ahead" - A white base filled with hexes in fuchsia, navy, teal, gold, and orange. Great formula that was opaque enough to build but not so opaque that it covered the glitters. I used three coats plus top coat. At first glance it might look similar to "Oh Splat" but they are definitely a different blend of colors. I'm happy to do a comparison if you'd like!

"Daisy About You" - A minty green crelly base filled with white, lavender, and lime green hexes, lavender flowers, lime green squares, and the same color mix of micro glitter. Formula on this one was a bit trickier and the base was a tad bit too thick. You can see it covered up a lot of the glitter in the first layers. I really like the flower glitters, though! I was glad to see that they were easy to get out and didn't stick up off the nail like some glitter shapes can. This is three coats plus top coat.

"Make My Gray" - A cool gray base filled with coral, turquoise, mint, and dark gray hexes in several sizes. Another one with an excellent formula, not too thick and not too thin. I love the unique combination of the pale base with the almost neon glitters. This is three thin coats plus top coat.

"Laugh Myself Lily" - A aqua-blue crelly filled with hexes and micro glitter in gold, pink, silver, lavender, and blue as well as pink and blue dots. Super soft and sparkly, this one definitely makes me think of Spring. Again, great formula with good glitter payoff. This is three coats plus top coat.

So there they are! Hopefully I will have some more to show you soon. The entire collection will be available for purchase on March 14th on the KBShimmer website. Which ones will you be picking up? Do you have a favorite? Thanks for reading!

*Products provided for my personal and 100% honest opinion.*


  1. Such beautiful polishes! I would love to see a comparison between Full Bloom Ahead ( my favorite from this collection) and Oh Splat. It "might" help me decide which to buy or I could very well get both of them anyway! Thanks!!


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