Rainbow Honey "Tidal Wave," "The Kraken," and "Midnight Fountain"

It's Sunday, which in my house means Game of Thrones day! While we pass the time waiting for tonight's episode to air here are some swatches of three gorgeous Rainbow Honey polishes.

I thought I would compare these three blue, glitter-filled jellies because while they're all similar in hue they are all quite different polishes. From left to right these are "Tidal Wave," "The Kraken," and "Midnight Fountain."

Each of these are from different collections that Rainbow Honey offers. "Tidal Wave" is from The Final Battle (Final Fantasy themed) collection, "The Kraken" is from The Summer of 199X (Earthbound themed) collection, and "Midnight Fountain" is from the Midnight Garden collection.

"Tidal Wave" - This polish has an icy blue base that is filled with silver, blue, and iridescent holographic hexes, iridescent flake shards, and a strong green shimmer. I used three coats for these photos plus top coat.

"The Kraken" - This polish has a base that is more on the teal side and is filled with green, blue, and gold holographic hexes, and a green-gold shimmer. Unlike "Tidal Wave" this one has lots of large hex glitters. I only needed two coats for these photos plus top coat.

"Midnight Fountain" - This polish is the darkest of the three with its royal blue base and is filled with aqua, navy, and silver holographic hexes, silver holographic squares, iridescent hexes and squares, and a green shimmer. Coverage was great and I only needed two coats for these photos plus top coat.

I'm always drawn towards blue polishes, especially those with a jelly base and lots of glitter, probably because they almost always remind me of the ocean. If I had to pick a favorite out of these three I think I would pick "The Kraken" because a) I love the teal color and b) I really like the large hexes in there that the other two polishes don't have. That said, I love all three of these. Part of me is wondering if it would be possible to do some kind of gradient manicure with them...

You can find Rainbow Honey polishes on their website HERE!