WingDust "Brain Freeze"

WingDust "Brain Freeze" - This eye-blindingly bright, highlighter yellow jelly is filled with silver holographic hexes, several sizes of dots, and medium lime green satin hexes. In addition there's also a subtle pink shimmer that was crazy hard to pick up. It looks bright in the bottle, but somehow it gets even brighter once applied to the nail. Coverage was fantastic and I didn't have to fish for glitter. These photos show three coats with top coat. 

(I'm trying out another new style for showing macros of polish. What do you think?)

If you click on the above nail shot you can see a little bit of the pink shimmer I mentioned.

Another crazy amazing mixture in my opinion. I love that she made a whole set of these holographic dot filled jellies! And yes, I do own the other four. I've been thinking that maybe a skittle manicure is in order? You can buy WingDust polishes HERE on Etsy as well as from several other international stockists. Also be sure to follow on Facebook HERE for updates about restocks and new colors!