WingDust "Day Dreamer"

WingDust "Day Dreamer" - A soft, silvery/white linear holographic base filled with a couple sizes of hexes in white, silver, lilac, baby blue, and iridescent. The formula is a little bit on the transparent side, but I had no problem building it up to the coverage here with three coats. For the colors and glitter mix, it's the perfect amount of opacity to let the glitter shine through.

As always, I love this magic-filled, glittery concoction! I'm actually attempting to swatch all of my remaining untried WingDust polishes this week so you can expect lots of praise and squees from me. Get used to it! You can buy WingDust polishes HERE on Etsy as well as from several other international stockists. Also be sure to follow on Facebook HERE for updates about restocks and new colors!