WingDust "Perfect Little Satellite"

Welcome to WingDust Wednesday, the fantastic new feature day created by Courtney of Swatcher, Polish-Ranger! (Isn't her blog name just the best?) So yeah, every Wednesday I'm going to try and show you a WingDust polish that's either new, new to me, or just untried. I know I've been spamming you with WingDusts all week, but in my opinion it's the best kind of spam.

WingDust "Perfect Little Satellite" - This is a clear base filled with silver flakes and holographic shimmer. Wow. Wow wow wow. I used four coats because I was trying to pack on extra sparkle, but it was lovely and opaque at three coats. That's right, no base color needed!

In regular lighting it looks like my fingers are tiny, mirrored disco balls. Or, as my husband said, "They look like tin foil!" The high-shine metallic finish is divine. 

Here I used a strong LED flash to show off the linear holographic side of this polish. It's hiding in there, but in the right light it totally comes to life! Seriously, mirror chrome PLUS holographic? So much win.

Here's a shot of what it looks like outdoors in the shade.

And here's where it really comes alive... in sunlight! It's so good!

Lastly, here's a slightly out of focus shot so you can see more of the holo effect. I can't say this enough, it's absolutely stunning. 

After (hopefully) making you fall in love with this polish, I'm sorry to tell you that it's not in stock right now. I actually ordered it from a pre-sale last month. HOWEVER, I'm certain it shall make its triumphant return shortly! You can buy WingDust polishes HERE on Etsy as well as from several other international stockists. Also be sure to follow on Facebook HERE for updates about restocks and new colors.