WingDust Wednesday: "Muskoka Sunset" & "Prize Winning Petunia"

It's already Wednesday again, can you believe it? That means it's WingDust Wednesday! Recently I was putting together a collage of all the WingDust polishes I've swatched and realized I've only swatched/taken photos of one purple, which is "Glowing Glowing Gone." The crazy thing is I own five purple WingDusts! As purple is my favorite (ok, tied with green) color I had to rectify this situation immediately. To make up for it, I actually have two different purples to show you today.

"Muskoka Sunset" - This polish starts with a bright, (almost neon in some lights) red-toned purple base and is filled with blue, pink, orange, and purple hexes, large orange and lilac hexes, neon orange and magenta dots, huge purple holographic dots, purple micro bars, blue iridescent hexes, and loads of blue shimmer.

The formula on this one was simply fantastic. The jelly base built up nicely in three coats and I had zero trouble getting full glitter coverage with plenty of the huge dots.

I know I say this a lot, but I think this may be one of my favorite WingDust polishes. At the very least, it's up there in the top five. The base is such a beautiful color and the pops of neon dots make it look so fun!


"Prize Winning Petunia" - This stunner starts with a deep purple holographic base and is filled with numerous sizes of hexes in blue, lilac, pink, purple, and pale pink, as well as metallic teal squares.

Another wonderful mix of holographic deliciousness with a unique glitter mix. The formula was easy to work with and I got plenty of glitter with each dip. In addition, the glitter laid nice and flat on the nail. I only needed two coats for these photos.

Even without sunlight to bring out the holographic rainbows, this polish is still just as beautiful!

Ah, these purples make me so ridiculously happy. You can find WingDust on Facebook HERE and purchase polishes HERE on Etsy. Believe me, if you don't yet own any WingDust polishes you need to change that ASAP.

Are you wearing a WingDust today? If so let's see your pictures! Also make sure you check out Swatcher, Polish-Ranger as she is the creator of this glorious WingDust Wednesday tradition and also she's amazing.. We've unintentionally featured the same polishes for the last three weeks. (I actually had "Muskoka Sunset" in my hand, changed my mind to "Prize Winning Petunia," and then after seeing that she had picked "Muskoka Sunset" I decided it was fate so I had to swatch both.) Yeah, I'm pretty sure we share a brain. <3