WingDust Wednesday: "These Broken Wings"

Today is Wednesday, which means it's actually WingDust Wednesday! If you're wearing a WingDust polish today, feel free to leave links to your photos in the comments below!

WingDust "These Broken Wings" - This pale blue (almost periwinkle)", holographic base is filled with 12 kt silver leaf, blue iridescent hexes, silver squares, and blue iridescent mylar shards. Application was good, but on the thin side. I used four coats here plus top coat.

 If you're a fan of similar WingDust polishes like "Coral Leaf" or "Steel Town Girl" then you need this one as well! It's like the cool-toned little sister of "Coral Leaf." Personally I love how Stephanie mixes finishes and textures like this with the silver or gold leave, glitter, and holographic base.

Somehow this one reminds me of clouds lazily drifting through the sky. It's complex without being overly loud or busy. It's soft but still incredibly interesting and fancy. You can find WingDust on Facebook HERE and purchase polishes HERE on Etsy.

*The polish in this post was provided to me for my personal and 100% honest review.*