ILNP "Mutagen"

"Mutagen" - This ultra chrome shifts mainly through bright green, dark green, and teal, but at more extreme angles it shifts to a dark aqua, into purple, and even a bit of pink.

Like with a lot of other multichrome polishes, the formula was on the thinner side. I needed three coats for opacity here, but I know you can use a lot less if you layer it over black.

With the camera flash on you can see the intense shade of green as well as a gray/violet shift come out.

The purples and pinks are much harder to catch on camera. To get this I had to be at quite an angle and move further away from my lamp, which is why this photo looks much darker.

Happy side note, the color shift in this polish matches perfectly with a rainbow topaz ring I have!

I wore "Mutagen" for several days and on day two I decided to paint ILNP "Birefringence" on half of each nail. The result? A mult-multichrome! Now I really want to try a multichrome gradient. ;)


  1. Love the combo of the last picture. Looks awesome.


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