Nail Twins: Gradient Butterfly Wings

This week on Nail Twins Delphine chose the theme of gradients topped with some butterfly wing nail art. In the past I haven't had much success with gradients, so this was my chance to try something new. And the hand-painted butterfly wings? Not nearly as hard as I expected!

To start I painted on two coats of Sinful Shine "Wisp," which is one of my favorite basic white cremes. With a makeup sponge, I dabbed on several layers of Sinful Colors "Neon Melon," Orly "Melt Your Popsicle," and China Glaze "Pool Party."

Outside in the sun, the neon-ness of these polishes totally exploded and made my camera freak out. I absolutely LOVE the way the gradient turned out and actually wish you were able to see more pink on the tips. I definitely prefer this method of sponging your colors on top of a white base as I feel like it gives a much better transition effect. 

Another great nail art choice by Delphine and beautiful nails to match. I love how she did the smaller dots (why can I never make small dots) on her tips and got more of the pink in her gradient! Don't forget to follow her on Instagram at @delphne_portland for more lovely nail photos!