Nail Twins: Strawberry Art

This week on #nailtwins it was my turn to pick a design. The first random thing I could think of was strawberries. Perfect! I had always wanted to do strawberry nail art. I passed the idea on to my amazing friend Delphine and we got to work!

I started with two coats of Essie "Snap Happy" as the base, painted on (my best attempt) some leaves with Sinful Shine "In The Limelight," and then used a dotting tool and Ulta "Sun-sational" as the seeds.

Normally I try to avoid plain red nails because I feel like they're hard to pull off when you have long nails (or maybe that's just me), but strawberry nails are surprisingly easier to pull off.

Delphine actually had some strawberry fimo cane slices that I think worked perfectly as an accent nail! Make sure you follow her on Instagram at @delphne_portland for more beautiful nail pictures. :D