Salon Perfect "Touchy Feely"

Ever since I reviewed the Salon Perfect Neon Collision collection almost exactly a year ago, I hoped that eventually I would see a polish of the same finish but in black and white! On an excursion to Walmart this week (in search of the new BOTTLED Mountain Dew Baja Blast, which I still haven't found) I inevitably found myself doing a quick scan of the nail polish section. Turns out Salon Perfect had made my wish come true! There on an end cap was the black and white micro glitter polish of my dreams.

"Touchy Feely" - This polish is a clear based topper filled with tiny matte white and black hexes. Rather than use it as a topper, I decided to layer it up to full opacity with three coats here.

My first coat was a bit lumpy, but after I added some thinner application became much easier. I don't know if it was because of the thinner, change in formula, or if my polish applying skills have gotten better, but this one seemed to lay much flatter on the nail than the Neon Collisions from last year. I did still use one coat of top coat to smooth things out.

It's not necessarily a traditional look for a manicure, but I'm seriously in love with this. It's like old TV static on my nails! I'm curious to see how it looks with just one light coat over a colored base.

This finish is still one of my favorites and I wish more brands would make them. A rainbow one? I'd be all over that. CMYK? That would be amazing. Even color pairs matching a favorite team would be a lot of fun. (Seriously, if you're an indie polish maker and you could make a custom happen for me let's talk.)

Thanks for reading!