WingDust Wednesday: "I Am Yours & You Are Mine"

It's Wednesdayyyyyyy! This new tradition of #wingdustwednesday has pretty much made Wednesday my favorite day of the week now. I just hope that I never run out of WingDust polishes to show you lol!

"I Am Yours & You Are Mine" - This polish features a raspberry jelly-holographic base and is filled with small gold, yellow, magenta, and maroon hexes. This photo shows it in direct sunlight where it definitely leans more magenta and the holographic sparkle comes alive.

The formula was awesome and opaque at two coats, although I added a third because I'm me. There was plenty of glitter and a great mixture of the included colors. This photo shows it in outdoor shade.

Indoor lighting makes this polish lean more towards the red side. I love it when a polish completely transforms depending on your lighting!

I love Stephanie makes so many variations and color combinations of these glitter-filled jelly holos. There's seriously a combination for everyone! It's like they're all part of a beautiful collection of their own, yet they're all unique and special.

I'm so happy I added this one to my collection. Eventually I hope to own even more of the shades like this! What do you think? Are you wearing a WingDust polish today?

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Thanks for reading!