WingDust Wednesday: Skittles

Between being horribly sick (with what I'm fairly certain was e. coli, bleh), helping to re-build a deck, and fitting in some Memorial Day activities, it's been a chaotic week. I was able to get two posts up last week, but I know I've really been lacking lately. Next week will (hopefully) be a more normal week and things can get back on track.

I did this skittle mani for a challenge, but I loved it so much that I decided to post it! From left to right these shades are "Beach Bum," "Brain Freeze," "Lime in the Coconut," and "Pool-side Par-tay." You can find more in depth reviews for each one at the links above. All four of these were part of last year's summer collection and they all have a similar style, which always made me want to try them together like this.

I've gone on and on about how much I adore these polishes and wearing them together like this just makes me love them more. The only thing that could make them more perfect would be additional colors! Purple, red, orange, teal... ah, I could have one in every color!

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