Neon and tape and gems oh my!

Hi all! Today I'm posting a set of pictures that I took more than three weeks ago (and even post on my Instagram) but somehow forgot to edit and post on here. I think they just got lost in the abyss that is my computer. >.> 

When I first saw the new OPI neons, I was really drawn to the green shade, "You Are So Outta Lime." The same day I found it at Ulta I went home and tried it out. It's been a while and I didn't write any notes for application, but I want to say I used three coats because it was kinda thin. I wouldn't call it a neon, but it's an awesome shade of green.

The next day I used some regular old clear tape and Essie "I'm Addicted" to a little something extra. But even then I wasn't finished. I decided to add some tiny crystals on the points.

I must admit that outside in full sunlight these two polishes do look much more neon than they do inside. 

What do you think of all the weird different hand poses? For some reason I was feeling like experimenting when I took these photos.

So yeah! Super simple, kinda neon, and just a little bit blingy. The crystals did alright, but I lost one before the day was over. If you want to see the similar #nailtwin look that my dear Delphine did to match me, make sure you go look at her Instagram! Thanks for reading!


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