WingDust Wednesday: "My Fair Lady"

This week on WingDust Wednesday I have another new creation to show you! It's a dot glitter filled polish, which you must know is one of my weaknesses! 

"My Fair Lady" - A super pale pink holographic base filled iridescent hexes, silver holographic hexes, baby blue and magenta holographic hexes, silver, baby blue, light pink and holographic magenta dots, and then large magenta holographic dots. I used three coats plus top coat for these photos!

Just look at all the dot glitters! I can't get over how soft and cute this is! I think it would be the perfect polish to wear to a baby shower or a gender reveal event.

(Blogger is doing super weird things to my sunlight photos. :( I apologize that this one randomly looks so much darker.)

Pastel, holo, and dot glitters... what's not to love? Application was easy and the resulting cuteness was just fantastic. This polish can currently be purchased in the WingDust shop HERE. Help me spread the WingDust Wednesday love, make sure you like WingDust on Facebook HERE!