Glam Polish Opulence Series

Hi readers! Today I have two more Glam Polish shades to share with you. These two are from the Opulence series, which features shimmery polishes filled with real gold leaf flakes! These shares are exclusive to the Glam Polish website, but they do offer international shipping to the US!

On the left we have "Temptation" and on the right is "Indulgence."

"Temptation" - This royal purple base is absolutely filled with shimmery gold flakes and larger gold leaf pieces. I used three coats plus top coat for these photos. Application was effortless and I had no problem getting plenty of gold leaf pieces onto the nail. I do want to note that it dried down to sort of a satin finish before top coat. 

"Indulgence" - This super bright red base is filled with the same shimmering flakes and gold leaf pieces as the previous shade. I only needed two coats for opacity, but I found that adding a third coat made the red a bit deeper and less berry-toned. Application was easy but I found that there didn't seem to be as many gold leaf pieces as the previous shade. This one also dried down to a satin finish so I added top coat to give it that shine back.

My opinion? I usually love gold leaf flakes in polish, especially with they play off additional textures. The vibrancy of the colors and the massive amount of shimmering flakes in these two polish combined with the gold leaf really makes them feel opulent, like the name of the collection. Personally I prefer the contrast between the purple and gold in "Temptation," but all the gold and shimmer in "Indulgence" really does make it appear very fiery and unique for a red polish.

Just for fun I tried layering one coat of "Indulgence" on top of my three coats of "Temptation." Much as you might expect, the result is a beautiful red-toned purple that almost appears to be a duochrome! 

As I said above, this collection is only available from Glam Polish directly, but they do offer shipping to the US. Make sure you follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for even more photos of upcoming collections!

*Polishes in this post were provided for my personal and 100% honest review!*