PDX LAN and Illamasqua

So, if you red my blog regularly you might have noticed that I haven't been around or posting for the past five days. Well, there's a good reason for that! I was actually away from home for most of the time at a local event called PDX LAN. I know this is a nail polish blog, but I figured I'd show you a couple pictures I snapped during the event!

I knew I couldn't stand having naked nails for the entire weekend, so I painted them on Friday before we left. I used one of my favorite polishes of all time, Illamasqua "Poke" and it still looks amazing five days later!

If you've never heard of a LAN party, it's essentially a gathering of computer gamers who all bring their machines and play games together over a local area network. With most games now you can just play together online, but then "LAN party" name has stuck around. I even WON the Dive Kick tournament!

Derpy tired face picture! Reppin' the Tt eSports, ADATA, and Day[9] TV. 

By the end of the weekend I was exhausted and had downed entirely too many energy drinks. We got there around 11-12 each morning and stayed until 3-4 AM, when they closed.

Some of the computers had incredible case mods and decorations. Someday I'll put together the acrylic and rainbow-light-up case I've been dreaming about!

So yeah! Sorry for my absence, but hopefully you enjoyed this random little post about how I spent the past several days. I promise I'll be back to regular posting tomorrow! Thanks for sticking with me. :)


  1. Omg you're a gamer too? That's totally awesome! What did you play? Also grats on that Dive Kick contest! It's my dream to go to one of those places. I used to play League of Legends but I quit for Smite. :)

    1. I am indeed! :D We played Titanfall, Battlefield, PVZ Garden Warfare, Starcraft 2, and some Civilization 5.

      You totally should at some point! My husband reaaaaally wants to go to Dreamhack, but that's in Sweden so who knows if we'll ever make it there.

      I tried Smite like once probably two years ago and couldn't get into it, but I've been seriously considering giving it another shot!

  2. Seriously you are the cutest thing on the planet. I love those light up cases but I would feel like it would be a box of party in my messy room, ha!

    1. D'aww! ^_^ Hahaha yeah I feel the same way. They would be fun for like a day or two, but then it could get a little eye-searing.


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