WingDust Wednesday: "Crazy on You"

Why oh why am I such a fool? This was literally one of the first WingDust polishes I ever ordered (it was in my first order, it might have even been the first one I added to my Etsy cart) and for some reason I'm just getting around to swatching it! What the hell, past me?! I swear I wore it once back when I first got it, but I can't seem to find any photos. Perhaps I took some but didn't like how they turned out as I was still getting the hang of things.

"Crazy on You" - This polish starts with an inky purplish-black base filled with tonsss of fine shimmer that shifts between blue, purple, and pink. It also has metallic magenta hexes and squares as well as periwinkle and grey hexes. 

Coverage was super easy and these photos show three coats plus top coat. It dried fast and I got plenty of glitter out with each dip of the brush. It was so strange because in the bottle the base looks very purple, but it's actually almost a black jelly. The duochrome shimmer is what makes it appear purple!

Just look at that shimmer... mmm...

Outside in direct sunlight a lot more of the blue tones in the base and shimmer come out, which makes this polish appear much more cool toned.

So yeah. Shimmery, duochrome goodness filled with a beautiful blend of glitters. I love everything about this polish. So much. Also every time I look at the label I get Heart's "Crazy on You" stuck in my head. XD

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