Emerald & Ash "Deep Field"

Hi readers! Recently I've been trying to find a good mix between making sure I get review polishes swatched quickly, trying out new polishes that I've bought for myself, and searching my stash for polishes that I bought in the past but haven't yet got around to trying. I'm notoriously bad about snatching up gorgeous polishes and then getting totally overwhelmed as even more gorgeous polishes accumulate. Feel free to scold me while I have another one of those "What the hell? Why did I wait so long to try this?" moments with this polish. I knew when I bought it (over a year ago) that I was going to love it and yet somehow I still never got around to it. 

"Deep Field" the polish is actually based on the Hubble Deep Field, which is a famous series of images of just a small section of the Ursa Major constellation taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Above you can see photo of the Hubble Deep Field on the left and my macro of the Emerald & Ash "Deep Field" polish on the right. Did they totally nail this polish or what?!

"Deep Field" - This black jelly base is filled with silver and gold holographic hexes in several sizes, some dark blue holographic hexes, and what looks like bright, satin yellow hexes. Coverage was great and I actually had good opacity at two coats. I added a third coat (mostly because I'm greedy for glitter) and smoothed things out with some top coat.

The holographic hexes definitely add a lot of extra sparkle and flashes of color to this polish. I had a hard time figuring out exactly what colors were in it, because it looks like EVERY color is in it!

In this sun it sparkles like crazy, as you might expect. I'm really impressed that the black base is dark enough to cover, but not so dark that it hides the glitter. Exactly what I look for in a glitter-filled jelly.

See what I mean about the range of colors? Just in this macro you can see silver, gold, yellow, green, blue, red, and even a hint of purple. 'Tis magic.

My thoughts? The formula made this easy to apply, coverage was excellent, and the mix of glitters is thoughtful and unique. I find the universe, space in particular, incredibly fascinating so the inspiration behind this polish makes me love it all the more. There are six other space-related Emerald & Ash shades, which are definitely on my polish radar. 

You can purchase Emerald & Ash polishes from their shop and make sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information about upcoming collections and sales. 


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