Lucky 13 Lacquer Custom Polishes!

Hi readers! Today I have an extra dose of special to show you! A few weeks ago I was able to go to a polish mixing party at Lucky 13 Lacquer and I'm here today to show you my (and my husband's) creations!

I designed two of these shades and my wonderful husband designed the third for me. Working with Kyoti to come up with these beauties was an absolute blast and I can't wait to go back and mix some more with her!

My inspiration for this first shade really came from some of my favorite polishes of all time, which are the neon, glitter-filled jellies that Stephanie of WingDust made last summer. I love each and every one of those polishes, but I wish she had made more colors! I've been not-so-subtly hinting to her that purple, aqua, red, and even grass green versions of those polishes would make me soooooo happy. So when the day of the party rolled around and I had no idea what to make, a purple version of my favorite set of polishes just kind of seemed like an easy place to start! It wasn't until it was all mixed and we were trying to come up with a name that grape soda or "Purple Drank" came to mind. To be honest, the silver "bubbles" in the purple soda base totally works!

"Purple Drank" - I started with a purple jelly base (made from red and purple jelly pigments) and added a bunch of blue shimmer, small and medium silver holographic hexes, medium silver dots, some small white hexes, and small iridescent hexes. These photos show two (yes, only two!) coats plus top coat.

My husband is so fantastic and supportive of my nail polish hobby that he agreed to come with me! He even decided he was going to make a polish of his own and wanted to base it on a Magic the Gathering card. Since he knew I would be the one wearing the polish he decided to base it on one of my favorite cards, Kaalia of the Vast, which is the EDH general I use most frequently. (Seriously, that deck is my baby.) As you can see in this picture (top right) her mana symbols are white, black, and red, which seemed like a great place to start for the colors in the polish.

"Ongles de Kaalia" - (Or, "Nails of Kaalia." The husband has been learning French lately and wanted to name it in French lol.) My husband used red jelly for the base and filled it with small, medium, and large matte black hexes, medium white hexes, and tiny silver holographic hexes. The base turned out slightly more pink-toned than what he was going for so for these photos I layered two coats on top of China Glaze "Merry Berry" and finished it with top coat.

There are definitely a lot of great rainbow glitters out there, but until recently I hadn't seen a full coverage rainbow micro glitter polish. I will fully admit, the inspiration for this last polish came mostly from a newer shade from CrowsToes called "Bifröst." I don't yet own any CrowsToes and I have been completely unable to get a hold of "Bifröst," but I think I quite like my own creation just as much, if not more! Definitely not a dupe, but certainly inspired by her version. Her idea to base a polish on the beautiful rainbow bridge that connects Midgard (our world) to Asgard (the world of the gods, like Thor) is friggin genius. 

This polish sparkles more than the Bifröst did when Thor smashed it with Mjölnir in the movie!

"Bridge to Asgard" - I started with a clear base and added piles of small metallic rainbow hexes, small and medium iridescent hexes, and a large dose silvery shimmer. These photos show three coats (no undies!) plus top coat. Extra plus? It's completely smooth with top coat.

My thoughts? I absolutely adore each one of these custom polishes for different reasons. It was so amazing to get to work together to make something I had envisioned and get a glimpse into how she mixes the colors she comes up with. Seriously,  I have a massive amount of respect for all indie polish makers! 

You can purchase Lucky 13 Lacquer online and she is also able to make custom requests! Make sure you follow her on Facebook for updates about new shades, collections, and sales. Thanks so much for reading!


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    1. Thank you! I'd say my first attempt was a success!

  2. The polishes you made are stunning and I am SO jealous you got to go to a Lucky 13 mixing party! That sounds like so much fun :)

    1. Thank you so much! It was definitely a blast! Haha I wish even more indie makers lived near me!

  3. I LOVE them! Especially the purple one! They turned out spectacular! I wish I could've gone, maybe next time.

    1. Thank you so much! If you're in the area it sounds like she's going to try to do them every month. I definitely intend to go again!


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