Finger Lickin' Lacquer Fall for FLL Collection Part 2

Hi readers! Welcome back to part two of my Fall for FLL Collection review! If you haven't yet seen the first half, head on over and check out the first five shades of this beautiful nine piece collection by Finger Lickin' Lacquer!

"Mauvelous, Dahling!" - This polish features a mauve crelly base and is filled with scattered holographic shimmer. This shade is also unscented. Application was great and I used four thin coats plus top coat for these photos. This is definitely one of my favorite shades for Fall.

"Poison Apple" - This medium green crelly base is filled with red-to-gold flakes and very sparse black skull and crossbone glitters as well as a tart green apple fragrance. Application of the base itself was great and these photos show four coats plus top coat. The skull and crossbone glitters were practically impossible to get out and I actually had to dump quite a bit out and hand place a few. I do really like the way this looks, though. I mentioned it to Jennifer and she's made a note to add more of these fun glitters to the mix. ;) Also, the scent is PERFECT. It's like biting into a granny smith apple!

"Pumking" - This warm orange slightly metallic-y base is filled with holographic shimmer and hints of yellow-green shimmer. I'm usually not a fan of oranges at all, but this one totally blew me away. It's such a gorgeous shade of orange and the soft sheen makes this (I think) super flattering. The pumpkin pie scent is subtle and yummy. I used four coats plus top coat for these photos.

"Spoopy" - This last polish features a black jelly base and is filled with mate purple, yellow, orange, and green hexes. Coverage was alright and I used four coats plus top coat to get the opacity and glitter coverage you see here. This one also features a candy corn scent, which I found to be very light and sweet.

My thoughts? Between all nine shades in this collection there is a ton of variety in finishes and Fall-appropriate shades. Mauve is one of those shades that I love, but somehow always forget about so that makes "Mauvelous, Dahling!" an instant love. I also can't wait to wear "Pumking" again as I think it's probably the most flattering shade of orange I've ever seen on myself.

This Fall for FLL collection is releasing TONIGHT at 8pm EST from the Finger Lickin' Lacquer Etsy shop. Make sure you also follow Finger Lickin' Lacquer on Facebook for information about new shades and collections.

*The polishes in this post were provided for my personal and 100% honest review.*


  1. Augh. Love. Pumking makes me want pumpkin pie something fierce!


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