Reverie "Lagoon"

Hi readers! Tonight I have a beautiful new jelly from Reverie to share with you. I haven't been buying too much polish lately, but when I saw the previews for this collection ages ago I knew that I would immediately be ordering this shade.

"Lagoon" - This teal-blue jelly base is filled with all sorts of goodness like pink, white, yellow, baby blue, peach, green, bright matte blue, and blue/green iridescent hexes, pink and white dots, and lastly some large, five petal white flower glitters.

Isn't the flower glitter gorgeous?! I've never seen five petal flower glitters until now and I'm absolutely in love! I'm happy to report that they laid nice and flat on the nail, with the exception of my pinky nail, which still isn't noticeably bad.

Coverage was great and I used three coats plus top coat for these photos. I did specifically have to dip multiple times to try and get the flowers out as I wanted one on each finger, but it wasn't too difficult for as large as that glitter is.

With camera flash you can see the more teal side to this jelly base. In most indoor and low lighting I experienced it leaning more teal than blue.

My thoughts? The formula, base, glitter colors and shapes are all absolutely beautiful. As usual, this is a near perfect jelly glitter bomb from Reverie. Don't you feel like you're looking into a beautiful pool of water topped with floating flowers and leaves? *drool* I'm certainly glad I picked it up!

You can purchase Reverie polishes from their Etsy store and make sure you follow Reverie on Facebook for pictures and information about new shades and upcoming collections. Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the color of this base. It's such a great shade of blue-green.

    1. I totally agree. It definitely captures the feeling of crystal clear water. :)


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